Create curled eyelash perfection in Barbie™ style

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This Barbie-inspired lash curler creates a beautifully upswept curl for the dramatic lashes you want without crimping or pinching

*Exclusive at Watsons HK

  • Covetable in bright pink with cheerful yellow pads, the Revlon x Barbie™ Lash Curler stands out in your makeup kit
  • The lash curler is perfectly sized with gently rounded pads to reach and shape every eyelash
  • Have you ever gotten the thin, sensitive skin around your eyes caught in your lash curler? Ouch! That won’t happen with this curler that doesn’t tug or pull at lashes (It’s cruelty-free for both animals and humans)
  • Don’t worry about the curl flattening out—it comes with a cushy refill pad to keep in your beauty kit, for extra long-lasting wear
  • This is the perfect gift for the Barbie fan in your life—in fact, consider buying one for you and one for them, or don’t be surprised if your friends try to swipe the limited-edition lash curler for their collection
  • Position the pad near the base of your upper lashes, avoiding your actual eyelid
  • Gently but firmly squeeze the handles of the curler together for five seconds and release
  • Move the curler a few millimeters up your lashes and do it again. A few more millimeters away, do one final squeeze—and you've got curled lashes
  • Now lock them into place with a couple coats of your favorite Revlon mascara