You'll swear it's a pro manicure. (Psst, it's not!)

Up In Charms (015)
We packed all the perks of the most amazing salon manicure—outrageous shine and rich, long-lasting color—into an at-home formula.
  • Our breakthrough, long-wear nail enamel and ultra-tough top coat deliver brilliant shine and lush, stunning hues that last—all in 2 speedy steps
  • Just brush on the polish and go! And when it's time to take it off... remove it like normal nail color
  • ColorStay Gel Envy™ nail polish has a built-in base coat, so you can lose a step from your manicure
  • And our revamped ColorStay Gel Envy Diamond Top Coat™, designed to work with ColorStay Gel Envy™ nail polish, is our only top coat with DiamondFlex Technology™, making it our toughest, most chip-resistant top coat yet
  • Both the nail enamel and top coat have life-resistant wear—meaning, whatever life throws at you, your nails are primed to resist chips and color fading
  • The wide-angle brush creates smooth, bubble-free coats
  • Before you start your manicure, wipe polish remover over each nail to ensure your nails are clean and dry
  • No need for a base coat! It's already built into the ColorStay Gel Envy™ Longwear Nail Polish
  • Gently roll the bottle of nail color between your palms to mix the color (don't shake it; that can trigger those dreaded air bubbles in the nail polish)
  • Brush a thin coat of the polish over each bare nail, dipping the brush back into the bottle for each new finger
  • Wait at least 2 minutes, then apply a second coat of color
  • Finally, swipe 1 coat of the ColorStay Gel Envy Diamond Top Coat™ over nails to lock in color and maximize shine